ESG and Sustainable Investing Policy

Redhedge is committed to responsible, ethical investing.  Redhedge’s “Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Investing Policy Statement” is our public articulation of how we incorporate material ESG factors, including sustainability risk assessment, into the investment decision making process, and asset monitoring and review.  This statement, which constitutes Redhedge’s sustainability related disclosures, can be accessed below.

Please read this as an essential insight into our approach, in particular how we seek to prioritise investment in issuers that demonstrate positive ESG characteristics and to minimise investment in those that do not.

Sustainability Related Disclosures

Find more information on our ESG policy:

Sustainability Approach and SFDR Status

All of our Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicles (ICAVs) are classified as Article 8 Funds in accordance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR); they all promote environmental, social and good governance characteristics.

To clarify further, this includes our;

Redhedge ICAV – RV – Corporate Bonds Fund (AIF) – est. 2016

Redhedge ICAV – Relative Value Fund (UCITS) – est. 2021

Redhedge ICAV – Synergy Total Return Fund (AIF) – est. 2022

Redhedge’s funds commit to compliance with the United Nations’ Global Compact (“UNGC”) by seeking to ensure that investments do not breach any of the ten UNGC Principles.

Our fund offerings do not have a specific sustainable investment objective, nor do they utilise a benchmark.

ESG in our general business practices and in the community

As a business, we take initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and to consider how we can be a better corporate citizen, for example by reducing waste. This includes avoiding unnecessary printing, actively recycling and taking steps to be almost completely plastic-free at the office. We also offer flexible working to all our employees to limit commuting and energy consumption, as well as utilising online meetings to reduce our travel carbon footprint.

In the community, we seek to assist corporate socially responsible causes. We have partnered with the Tree Council to support their initiative to help repopulate hedgerows (which are essential for capturing carbon in the atmosphere and are key habitats for biodiversity). For the past two years, we have supported crews at Henley Royal Regatta by defraying some of their training costs to assist them in racing at the highest levels of competition. Each year, staff look to participate in a range of charitable initiatives such as Red Nose and Christmas Jumper days.

“Redhedge is proud to be an official partner of The Tree Council, pledging to donate the equivalent of 200 metres of hedgerow over the next two years.”

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