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For Swiss Qualified Investors:

Definition of Qualified Investor as per Article 10 CISA (Swiss Federal Collective Investment Schemes Act):

Paragraph 3
Regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, securities traders, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes, as well as central banks; regulated insurance institutions; public entities and retirement benefits institutions with professional treasury operations; companies with professional treasury operations.

Paragraph 3bis
High net worth individuals may declare in writing that they wish to be deemed qualified investors. In addition, the Federal Council may make such persons’ suitability as qualified investors dependent on certain conditions, specifically technical qualifications.

Paragraph 3ter
Investors who have concluded a written discretionary management agreement as defined in Article 3 Paragraph 2b are deemed qualified investors unless they have declared in writing that they do not wish to be considered as such.

Note: English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation, therefore the text above has been translated for information purposes.  Alternate translations may use slightly different wording.  

Disclaimer: Please note that the box below displays charts demonstrating the previous performance of the funds, which are not indicators of future results.

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