On June 5th, 2023, the editorial team at Finadium published an article on the opening of the Synergy Total Return Fund: ‘Redhedge signals risk premium disconnect in CRV strategy expansion’. The article includes comments by both Redhedge CEO/CIO Andrea Seminara and Senior Portfolio Manager Voon Kiat Lai.

Please find an extract of Voon Kiat Lai’s comments below:

“We think there is a disconnect between the risks priced in — between risk assets, such as equities and credit, compared to the rates market and underlying macro fundamentals. We see potential for tail risks in the short to medium term, such as the US debt ceiling debacle, US regional bank failures, commercial real estate imbalances, recession risks or potential upside inflation shocks, all of which have the potential to introduce risk premium back into risk assets that are not currently priced in.”

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